Welcome To The Ranks Of The Unemployed, Part II (Page 3)

You Shouldn't Be Able To Still Be reading This

In closing, the road is long, winding, and full of many acronyms, such as AA (alcoholics anonymous), BAC (blood alcohol concentration), and CHUD (cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers). You will, no doubt, stumble on your journey. The trick is having a high enough BAC to cushion those falls along the way.

If you've arrived at this page without succumbing to alcohol-induced illiteracy, you're doing it wrong. Please return to the beginning and try again.

Until next time I remain, affectionately yours, Richard Black.

Richard Black has been unemployed numerous times in many different economic environments. He received his bachelor's degree at the University of Costa Rica and an M.B.A in Cuba before his deportation back to the United States.

He would like his readers to know that in addition to possessing a massive physical endowment, he has wired every entrance to his home with spring guns, and has trained a pack of Rottweilers to assault all unsolicited visitors.

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